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Profile of the Institute

Philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural studies represent three traditions of thinking, each of which opens up its own, diverse forms of human self-reflection. The IPPK's aim is to bring these traditions into conversation, which allows for fruitful communication and mutual criticism of the perspectives of philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural studies. In this way, both the conscious and unconscious connections in which these ways of thinking are connected can be explored.

Following these interconnections, we ask ourselves: How do we as subjects move in a society that is in a state of upheaval like rarely before? In this time of crisis, with the rise of populism, war and dictatorships, not only are the basic values ​​of democracy and freedom in question, but so too are the biological, and therefore existential foundations of our lives, especially due to climate change and pandemics. We see it as our commitment to actively and critically reflect on the changes that affect the subject and society in a transdisciplinary manner, to contribute to orientation in this time of crisis and to take a stand on crisis phenomena. We believe that philosophers, psychoanalysts, cultural scientists as well as artists and cultural workers, are called upon to make suggestions and discuss them. This is the aim of the Institute for Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies.

The diverse activities of the IPPK correspond to this concern and the multiplicity of perspectives of the three traditions. As part of the institute's events, such as

  • Lectures and seminars,
  • Conferences and workshops,
  • Clinical seminars,
  • Artistic events

as well as the research activities of the institute, for example

  • Research projects
  • IPPK research colloquium

the different forms of human self-understanding are brought into conversation.

The IPPK also supports these activities through its own publications in the institute's own IPPK publishing house. The peer-reviewed open access online journal, Y - Journal for Atopic Thought, which is published by IPPK-Press, offers a unique forum in this inter- and transdisciplinary conversation between philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural studies.

The IPPK also sees itself as a network to connect clinicians, scholars, scientists, and artists interested in the institute's goals.


Institute address and contact information

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Institut für Philosophie, Psychoanalyse, Kulturwissenschaften e.V. (IPPK)
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