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Y – Journal for Atopic Thought. Philosophy – Psychoanalysis – Cultural Studies

Journal profile

Y – Journal for Atopic Thought. Philosophy  Psychoanalysis  Cultural Studies is the online journal published by IPPK-Press (ISSN 2750-0144), edited by Hilmar Schmiedl-Neuburg (Boston/Kiel), Lutz Götzmann (Berlin), Michael Meyer zum Wischen (Hamburg), Birgit Meyer zum Wischen (Hamburg).

The journal sees itself as a medium for atopic thought, a transdisciplinary fluid thinking without a place.

Y brings psychoanalysis, philosophy as well as art and cultural studies into a critical, open conversation without proceeding narrowly along disciplinary lines. Instead, a polylogical conversation between these different perspectives enables fruitful, multi-and transdisciplinary communication as well as mutual criticism of the perspectives of philosophy, psychoanalysis, cultural studies and art.

Particular attention is paid to the potential of these plural perspectives, whether they be theoretical, clinical, scientific or artistic, to open up not only meaning, but also non-sense, "absense"; in other words the "subversion of meaning".

In this respect, Y atopically links together academic, clinical and cultural discourses and is aimed at scholars, scientists and clinicians as well as artists. The journal appears in blog mode and publishes psychoanalytic, philosophical, artistic and cultural studies articles that are linked to atopic thinking in their topic, form or method.

Sections of the magazine

o Tribune - essays and articles

o Scholarly articles and essays - scholarly articles, theoretical research papers and essays

o Lacaniana - contributions to Lacanian thought

o Research - empirical research

o Reviews / Interviews - reviews, free critiques and interviews

o Artistic - artistic and other contributions

Directory of articles: https://www.ypsilon-psychoanalyse.de/beitragsverzeichnis

Media data

You can find information about the media data of the journal here: https://www.ypsilon-psychoanalyse.de/mediadaten

The journal is published in German.

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Editors, editorial team and academic advisory board

Editors of the journal

 Hilmar Schmiedl-Neuburg (Boston/Kiel), Lutz Götzmann (Berlin), Michael Meyer zum Wischen (Hamburg), Birgit Meyer zum Wischen (Hamburg)

Editorial team of the journal

Editor-in-chief: Olga Grytska (Berlin); Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic advisory board of the journal

Christine Blättler (Kiel), Patricia Gherovici (Philadelphia), Annemarie Hamad (Paris), Nazir Hamad (Paris), Darian Leader (London), André Michels (Luxembourg/Paris), Geneviève Morel (Lille/Paris), Andrea Mura (London), Jean Michel Rabaté (Philadelphia), Melanie Reichert (Kiel), Renata Salecl (Ljubljana), Edith Seifert (Berlin), Maximilian Thieme (Kiel), Martin Weimer (Kiel), Sonja Witte (Berlin), Slavoj Žižek (Ljubljana)